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Longwood University Beer Die

The Rules of Beer Die

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The ultimate game of skill and drinking a helluva’ lot of beer


OBJECT:  Be the first team to 5 points

TEAMS:  Two teams of two people

EQUIPMENT:  One 6 sided die, 4 chairs, 4 12oz cups, and a 4 X 8’ plywood table (a half-table line is most helpful).

SETUP:  Each person places a full cup of beer one arm length from the edge and 2 fist plus 2 thumb lengths from the side (a permanent ink circle marking each of the four beer spots is also most helpful.)


SCORING:  A point is awarded to the throwing team when the receiving team fails to catch the die in a legal manner.


NORMAL PLAY:  The game officially commences once a player swipes the die on the table and says “Possession Resume”.  That player then, with an underhanded toss, tries to lob the die across the table and land in one of the receiving teams’ cups.  Usually, the die will not land in the cup, but strike the table and bounce off the end.  Either player on the receiving team must catch the die off the bounce, or a point is scored against them.  The next player to toss the die is the one sitting diagonally across from the first thrower.  The order of throwing is then established with all four players tossing in turn.


LEGAL TOSS:  The toss must go higher than it goes far.  It must land on the receiving teams half of the table.  It must indeed strike the table to be legal.  It also must be thrown in the correct order to count.  The toss is O.B. (Out of Bounds) anytime the die hits; the ceiling, any obstruction, or bounces off the side the table (the table corners act similar to 3rd or 1st base in baseball).  No points or drinks are awarded, regardless if the O.B. toss is caught or not.  (It still must be “Resumed”, however, if it lands on the floor.)


LEGAL CATCH:  The die must be caught with one hand.  It cannot be trapped against another hand, a body part, or object.  It MAY be juggled between hands and between players.   (NOTE:  An illegal catch is worth a point to the throwing team.)


INFRACTIONS OF THE RULES—HAVE A DRINK:  Each infraction means both members of the team at fault must drink one fifth of the beer in their cup.  A “drink” is defined as one fifth of the full beer.  Both teams must keep track of how many drinks they have left.  Since teammates always drink together, their beers should always be at the same level.  Since it is a gentleman’s game (and lady’s) , both members traditionally stand up and toast one another before drinking their fifth.


                Each of the following infractions result in a drink:

--------------BIZ:  Saying the word “Five (5)”.  The word “BIZ” is the accepted substitute.

--------------BUZ: Same for “Seven (7)”.

--------------STINKY:  Tossing a die that misses the table entirely.

--------------HANOUS:  Tossing a die that lands on your own half of the table.

--------------WHIP:  The tossing team drinks if the die is NOT tossed higher than it goes far.

--------------BODY BLOW:  The receiving team drinks if the die strikes any part of their cup but does not go in.

--------------BACK -AT-CHA’:  The tossing team drinks if a BODY BLOW occurs, but the receiving team catches the die.

--------------The tossing team drinks if they throw a die that stops on the table with BIZ (5) face up.

-------------  SOCIAL:  Both teams drink if a BODY BLOW is thrown and the die stops on the table with BIZ (5) face up.     

--------------OUT OF ORDER:  Throwing team drinks if they are caught throwing out of the established order.

--------------RESUME:  The team failing to resume the die once it hits the floor must have a drink.  (See below)


KER-PLUNK:  The ker-plunk is the ultimate toss of Beer Die.  This occurs when a die is tossed and lands in one of the opposing teams’ cups.  The die may bounce off the table or any object.  Basically, when it comes to ker-plunks, all rules are out the window.  An illegal toss is still a legitimate ker-plunk.  “A ker-plunk is a ker-plunk is a ker-plunk…CHUG OUT!”  The receiving team must drink the remainder of their beers, regardless of how much remains, then refill.  They feel shame.  The tossing team has the high honor of signing the table with the artistry of their choice.  There is much rejoicing.  A ker-plunk, however, is not a point.  Once the receiving team has chugged-out their beer, they must spit the die onto the table.  If the die is spit onto the floor or  it lands with 5 face up, they must have another drink (and feel more shame).  The receiving team must have another full beer if they are ker-plunked with one drink left and the die is not completely immersed in beer.


OUT OF PLAY:  The die is out of play any time it hits the floor.   It then must be swiped across the table and “Resume” called..


POSSESION RESUME:  If nobody can honestly remember the correct tossing order, a player may re-establish the original order by swiping the die and saying “Possession Resume”.  (Usually occurs after long intermissions, such as a pizza break.)


TIE GAME:  The first team to 5 points wins, but they must win by 2 point.  Sudden death to 7 if tied 6-6 in overtime.


WINNING TEAM:  The winning team usually exercises the right to remain at the table and play a new challenging team.  They do not have to refill their cups—they may continue playing with their remaining beer.


GOD:  A GOD, or ruling official, may be used to referee the game.  GOD DOES NOT NARK—this means he is only called upon to make a decision if the two teams cannot come to a decision between themselves.  If GOD witnesses an infraction of the rules that goes unnoticed by the two teams, he must keep it to himself.  GOD usually sits adjacent to the mid-table line to see both sides of the table equally.   Things GOD is usually called upon to pass judgment on are:  O.B. tosses, WHIP tosses, BODY BLOWS, OUT OF ORDER.  He also helps keep score and keep track of drinks remaining in the cups if the game participants can’t keep track.